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I've always been a travel fan.

My parents laid the foundation for this.


I'm Petra and I think it's great that you're visiting my blog, which I've been doing since January 2023. I'm new to the travel blogging scene, but not new to travel journalism. Since the end of 2015 I have been working as a travel editor for a yellow magazine for a large publisher in Hamburg. You can find more information in my CV.


I've always been a travel fan. My parents laid the foundation for this with many sporty, active holidays by the sea, in the mountains or at lakes for swimming, skiing or hiking. I left Europe for the first time while studying. Because of love, I was drawn to Hawaii for weeks and for my second major in Egyptology, I spent five weeks on the Nile, from Cairo to Abu Simbel, to visit the treasures of the pharaohs and also excavation projects. That was 1991. Back then there were no package tour packages for Nile trips and I ordered all the hotels, flights and visas by letter weeks in advance. Since then I have traveled to Egypt again and again, including to the Red Sea. If I add up all the trips to Egypt, I've been there for months and I'm always thrilled.
For my first major in art history, I visited many major European cities to see the famous art collections such as London, Paris, Rome, Budapest, Berlin, Munich, Dresden, Vienna, Oslo, Stockholm, Florence, Venice, Athens... To this day I have traveled to around 50 countries on four continents. The world is so diverse and beautiful!
Traveling is something very personal. Everyone likes something different and of course it also depends on the budget. Most travelers in Germany love their home country, then the beach, sun around the Mediterranean and city trips in Europe are very popular. Some, younger people, also like to discover distant destinations. Personally, I like a mix - hanging out on the beach with a good book, exploring a new, exciting city with interesting museums or traveling through a foreign country on the other side of the world and discovering the culture, the people, the landscape and the food.
This is exactly the mix that will be featured here on my blog and I hope my travel stories are entertaining and inspiring.

Have fun and warmest Petra


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